Self powered or PTO Driven

Armadillo range of spaders was developed for larger farmers and contractors needing the ability to cover large acreage with a reliable machine able to work to depths of 450mm.  The Armadillo range of spaders are built robust and heavy to be operated at a working speeds of 9km per hour.  The Armadillo range of spaders is ideal to incorporate ameliorants like lime, clay, stubble and many other materials.  The 6.1m model is designed for 9m or 12m controlled traffic and is capable of over 5-4 hectares/hour.
  • 6.1m to 4.6m
  • Self powered or PTO driven models
  • Pre-ripping tynes
  • Controlled traffic compliant
  • Proven robust design and results
  • 9km/h
  • Depth to 450mm
  • Long lived and affordable components
  • Large diametre rear tyre roller
  • Drive line protection
  • Roller (smooth or dimpled)
  • Hydraulic or shear pin tynes

Armadillo Spader by Nufab