Helping Australia's leading farmers to stay ahead.

Australian-Made for Australian Conditions
Founded in Dongara, Western Australia, Nufab Industries have been providing industrial and agricultural equipment and services for over 40 years.  We believe in building quality relationships with our customers, listening to their needs and keeping up with your ever-changing requirements.
All our products are fabricated in the Midwest, and sold all across the country with national parts availability.
Some of the products we manufacture include:

Deep Ripper

Deep cultivation or ultra-deep ripping is a proven method to maximise yield increase, especially in ground with soil compaction problems and when combined with controlled traffic farming.  Our deep rippers are manufactured in Australia, with HYDRA-MAX ripper technology allows delving and incorporating with inclusion plates.


Working on lime, fertiliser, clay, gravel, gypsum, compost, manure, green waste, and just about anything else you’ll ever need to spread around, we have an Australian-made spreader to suit your needs.

Grain Cleaner

Whether you’re contract grain cleaning or seed grading, our Australian-made grain cleaner provides the ideal solution for ensuring export grain quality.

Compost Turner

Turning and aerating your compost, be it manure, green waste, poultry or other animal waste, is an essential part of the soil conditioning and the bio-dynamics process.  Offering self-propelled and trailed windrow Australian-made compost turners, we’ve got the range.