Comb Trailer

Transport Harvester Header Fronts Over any Distance

The Nufab Comb Trailer has been designed to give farmers, dealers and contractors total peace of mind when transporting header fronts to the next job. Whether it’s going to the paddock next door or a site hundreds of kilometres away, our Australian-made comb trailers, with walking-beam suspension and goose neck pivoting, make transportation a breeze, and most of all, make your job less stressful.
  • Proven walking beam suspension
  • Adjustable bracket system capable of holding fronts up to 60ft
  • 6 or 8 wheel configuration
  • Up to 5 tonne load rating
  • Specially designed turn table with oscillating pivots and a goose neck to allow extremely tight turning circles
  • Electric brakes
  • Brake and indicator lights

Header Front Transportation