Lime, Fertiliser, Gravel, Clay, Compost

Our award-winning “Spread-It” FBB Spreader is an Australian-made spreader designed for the application of products such as compost, manures, lime, gypsum, fertiliser, gravel and clay, proving ideal for mine site rehabilitation work, road maintenance and construction. No matter the rate of spread you require, our GPS-ready spreader will suit your application, from vineyard to broad acre farming, these spreaders are a “all rounder”.

Australian Made Spreader

“The Way To Clay”


  • Rates from 50 kg per hectare to 200 tonne per hectare
  • Sizes from 3m3 to 31m3 (cubic metres), from vineyards to broad acre
  • GPS Variable Rate Control – standard Plug and Play
  • Standard track width of 3m, with other sizes available
  • Sturdy 6mm plate sides
  • Truck or Track mount options
  • Two year warranty


  • Widespread system
  • Wings for wind deflection
  • Teaser
  • Hungry boards for increased capacity
  • Hinged rear door
Spread It

Australian-made Spreaders