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Compost Turners

Manufacturing Compost Turners for Australia’s Harsh, Dry Conditions

Nufab manufacture compost turners specifically for Australia’s harsh, dry conditions by installing efficient water and irrigation systems, adding higher moisture content to the compost.

Compost Turners

Leppington Pastoral, N.S.W. self propelled compost turner without optional water and irrigation system.

Compost Turners

Hillview Composts, Victoria, self propelled compost turner with water and irrigation system.

Due to Nufab’s extensive research into rotor design, the Nufab compost turner uses less horsepower, has a much longer tip or tyne life and produces excellent aeration and windrow inversion, attributing to lower operating costs for you.

Nufab’s high quality manufacturing standards mean that the machines are extremely durable and therefore require less overall maintenance, keeping your downtime and overheads low. The superior manufacturing also means that the majority of the products retain a large proportion of their original value long after sale.

We provide compost turners to customers Australia-wide, including Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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