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Manure/Compost Spreader

'tHE WAY TO CLAY'  ...........

We manufacture compost spreaders (otherwise known as manure spreaders) that can carry up to 35 tonnes.

A manure spreader  is  designed for the application  of  products  such  as :

 Build better farms.  Improve yields & soil.   With a Nufab Spreader soils can be improved by the spreading of composts, mulches, gypsum, lime and fertilisers.  In sandier soils by changing the spinners the same machine can be used to spread clay to improve water holding capacity.


A Nufab spreader is crucial for many applications across a wide range of industries, including mine site rehabilitation, road maintenance (spreading gravel)  under vines or tree lines, in strips or on broadacre areas.  The FBB Spreader is custom built from sizes 3 m3 to 30 m3, our most popular size for the medium farmer is currently the 13 m3 model, which can hold 16 tonne lime sand or 20 tonne clay.

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The Nufab Spreader is so versatile it can be used as a stand alone to be towed behind your tractor or truck or for ideal Mine Site rehabilitation it can be truck mounted.  By changing the spinners the one Spreader can go from clay or gravel spreading to gypsum, lime or mulch spreading. 



Mine Site Rehabilitation                              

Ideal spreader for mine site, can be towed or mounted on cat body



Spreading wood chips                                   Side delivery Conveyor                                     Wide Floor Spreader




We provide our manure/compost spreader equipment to customers Australia-wide, including Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as well as overseas to Indonesia.

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